Retail Design Expo, 2016

After the success at the previous year’s Retail Design Expo, we wanted to involve the rest of the design studio at Dalziel & Pow to create another interactive spectacle that engaged the audience through play.

Guests were invited to select and place one of four objects across four bays, triggering a musical and visual loop. Each clip was produced by one of the creatives at D&P in response to the object, resulting in a collage of creative interpretations, storytelling techniques and visual styles.

The simple but intriguing installation acts as a collaborative audio-visual sampler, with each bay assigned a different musical element (bass, rhythm, SFX and melody), played by multiple guests at once.

By playing with different sequences of objects, participants can exercise their own creativity by ‘remixing’ the visuals and audio, creating layered montages that explore D&P’s people, processes and creative spirit.